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Welcome to trimblENT.com. Finding the best doctor in your area of need is very important in order to achieve your treatment goals. Doctors-- just like teachers, lawyers, accountants, therapists, and others-- have their areas of strengths (and weaknesses). And people are not cars. I often see patients who would strongly attest to their individuality then turn around and wonder why they reacted differently than their neighbor to anesthesia. I do my best to treat patients as individuals. While patients do have medical problems that all receive the same diagnosis, the treatment they receive must be tailored to their individual needs.

My areas of expertise are the following: sinus and allergy disease affecting adults and children, nasal obstruction and sleep apnea, and minimally invasive thyroid surgery. Nasal obstruction and sinusitis can now affectively be treated under local anesthesia in the office. Balloon sinuplasty has indeed revolutionized treatment for recurrent and chronic sinusitis. Coblation turbinate reduction allows for people to breathe freely through their nose without going to the operating room. Minimally invasive thyroid surgery allows patients to have a small incision without the placement of bothersome drain tubes—and they can go home the same day. I have offices in Fort Worth and the Keller/Southlake area.

Please call 817-529-6200 or fill out the contact form under the Office and Patient Information page to schedule an appointment today. My staff and I look forward to providing you with competent, compassionate, and professional care.


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